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that crystal ball emoji

In New York, an aura reading in Chinatown, late July 2015. My aura photograph is on the left.

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In Auckland, some accidental purple clouds. I mixed up some hot pink ink and a bit of transparent white for another project I had in mind. I was considering how and what might be of service to the work, whatever that work might be–in my case, the art work and the heart work. I was making a background for text, it was a small side piece. Then, though, these clouds appeared violet. The violet of teenage witch dreams and text messages with allusions to uncanny futures. There’s more there, too. Lean into the unknown.

Printmaking is always a bit of the unknown. You make your form, you mix your ink, but it isn’t until that first pull that you’ll know what you’ve made, and in the meanwhile, you just have to trust your process. 

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