Granita | Tin Roof Dinners

I attended the once there and now gone Pig & Pepper supper club in Long Island City, NY several years ago. I love that it happened because K. wanted it to happen. She gathered her friends and made it real. My friend C. told me her advice on the subject: *do not* to start a supper club, but I had the seed…and I knew: some day.

Last Sunday, in a rented office space, I hosted the first (of many, I hope) Tin Roof Dinners. I realize now that it was magnificent, though it took a few days to recover. I walked away with many lessons learned and ideas for so many more suppers, teas, meals, tastes. 12 people, mostly strangers, several courses and a lot of dishes.

I am in debt to my friends who helped make it possible. They washed dishes, helped me carry things, photographed, chopped, styled and played perfect waitstaff.

I cant wait to see what comes next.